Sveta Becker

Photographer / Contributor

To give more context to where Sveta’s passion for photography started, we must go back in time.


Sveta grew up in the very cold and isolated, North‐East Russia and, even with few opportunities, she knew she had a destiny!


Since she was a little girl, she knew that she was called for the nations. She had the burning desire for Life, Adventure and People. Sveta has always believed in and valued relationships, special moments in life and capturing the pure joy on people’s faces. With a focus on adventure, she used her perseverant attitude and love for the outdoors to pursue an intentional and healthy lifestyle.


In 2010, after she qualified at University, she decided to visit South Africa with an idea to be a volunteer at a local Mission Base called (YWAM). It was in this year that she experienced an incredible encounter with God. It was through this encounter that Sveta was able to truly realise who she was and who He is in her life, and the plans He has for her.


That same year, a very brave man (Louis Becker), after conquering obstacles in his own life, met and fell in love with her. Sveta had to go back to Russia at this point, but Louis was not ready to give up on her. He did not let his circumstances get in the way and he flew to Russia to find her. Louis not only won over her heart, but Sveta’s fathers’ approval as well. They both moved to South Africa together and got married.


Sveta often speaks of how God and her husbandhelped her to shape and express her passion for life through her photography.  Sveta enjoys taking photos of various elements in many different genre’s, as long as she is living her passion of Life, Adventure and People.


Sveta enjoys food photography which she says – “reflects my mom’s heart and her passion in me for a healthy lifestyle.”


Wedding Photography is also something that Sveta enjoys as for her, she loves witnessing the covenant between man & wife, a commitment, and how each couple have their own unique story of love.


“So, my photography reflects my personality and the reflection of my family values.“


You can follow her journey here> @light_uplife